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          hi i am Ammar..........
           give me uour suggestion to overcome the problem of energy crisis in pakistan.

solution for energy crisis in pk

Feel pleasure to inform that we have imported solar home power, geysers and energy saving lights to fight the electric power crisis prevailed all over the country.

We daily observe that people are tired of paying bills but still facing an inadequacy in  power shut down.
Now, it's your turn. Your turn to start cutting costs and enjoying energy independence. Your turn to join thousands of other homeowners and hundreds of businesses that are making a difference. Today, it’s your turn to take control.

Very Competitive price, with high quality solar system, advanced technology, more function than other company.

Our solar system can make electricity power from sunshine, it's totally free energy. Supply home appliance Like: TV, fan, lights, radio, computer, refrigerator, etc

Attractive launching price on the basis of first come first serve.
If you have any question don't hesitate feel free to ask
ref.eng. M A Khan.

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